James Hardiment’s upcoming single ‘Corrupted’ takes place in a world of speakeasies, bootleggers and gangsters. The ‘Roaring Twenties’ was a time of great technological advancements with electricity, cars and radio changing the way the people operated. A legal act called Prohibiton was put into place which barred the sale of alcohol in the USA and Canada. The new laws created a black market and criminals took over the cities selling illegal liquor.


Above is a picture from the Speakeasy set. A speakeasy was a slang term given to the illegal business fronts which housed the bars and nightclubs of the American towns.

James wanted to create the feeling of the time period as best as possible with a limited budget. The music video and single are scheduled for release in early 2019.  

“I wanted to create a piece that does not glorify the gangster aspect of the time period. It was a time in history where a lot of poor people looked for work and found it as rumrunners. The times were tough and so were the characters who dealt in that business.” 

The story is set in the border cities of Windsor - Detroit where a lot of smuggling activity took place because Canada still allowed brewing for export to the rest of the world. Windsor became a brewery town of lucrative profits. The city of Detroit was thirsty and Windsor would serve the drinks. The Purple Gang took control of the city and ran the black market operations. The gangs consisted of blue collar, hardened types who would kill if you tried to compete in their business. A competitor could find himself wearing a pair of concrete shoes at the bottom of the Detroit River!

 James Hardiment on set preparing for the scene. James can be followed on social media @jameshardiment you can also check out Vince Emerson Media our YouTube channel! 

James Hardiment on set preparing for the scene. James can be followed on social media @jameshardiment you can also check out Vince Emerson Media our YouTube channel! 

Prohibiton had mixed results and a lot of people actually benefited with healthier lives as drinking was discouraged by most of the population. In the years that lead up to the law many suffered from alcoholism and groups such as the Women Christian Temperance Union rallied and campaigned using their newly gained human rights to try to benefit their communities. Wife beaters were commonplace and so were drunken mobs in the years prior to the legal changes. A lot of people drank alcohol because it was one of the few types of beverages that could be stored long term without proper refrigeration.


 @duncan.fyffe posing outside the house we shot the speakeasy sequence. Duncan is a talented saxophonist in the Ottawa area who also repairs vintage audio equipment.

The video is shot mostly in Ottawa the capital city of Canada. James was inspired in his University days when he attended the University of Windsor in 2010. He became fascinated with Marty Gervais book ‘Rumrunners’ which recounts the time period in the border cities. 

You can check out James Hardiment’s other works on YouTube and his latest album Wine is out for sale now on most online stores. 

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